The Leica M10

I finally did it. I’ve wanted a digital Leica M since the M9 was announced, but I just never felt that it was the right time. I tried the M240 (and many others) but the bodies were too thick, too many buttons, video modes I would never use. While they were great cameras, I never bonded with them enough to justify adding one to my collection. That all changed when I rented the Leica M10. Gone was the video mode, gone were the dedicated buttons I didn’t want or need, and gone was the extra thickness. It was now the same thickness as my film Leica M6 TTL, one of my favorite favorites cameras of all time. I decided it was time to finally go for it. I got this M10 about a week ago. So far, it has not disappointed. I’d go as far as to say I feel as passionate about shooting this camera as I did my M6 - and that’s about as high of praise as I could give to a camera.